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Little Black Dress and a Shawl

Little Black Dress and a Shawl

Let’s try to pretend that you have no other choice but keep two things in your closet: a one-piece clothing and accessory. Which ones should you pick? If you’re unsure, then here’s the right answer for you—a little black dress and a shawl.

They say that the little black dress (LBD) is one of the most versatile pieces in the world. It’s actually true. It doesn’t pick seasons as it’s always a hit. Here are some examples:

Pair the dress with a scarf or a shawl, and you’ll always be in during the fall and winter. You can even opt for the circle scarves if you want more fashion style. To complete the look, accessorize with hoop earrings and knee-length high-heeled black or brown suede boots.

Attending a more formal event? You can complement the BLD with a shrug or a shawl, For a sufisticated look choose a metallic Silver shrug with White gold drop earrings. If you want to go for more romantic look go for a lace shawl in softer color like dust rose of shabby chic Beige. With Noa Vider's collection you can always find the shawl that suits the occasion perfectly.

When you don’t know how to enhance your look, just grab a shawl, and you’ll never go wrong. Complete the look with the right jewelry and shoew, and you are ready to go.

Noa Vider is an expert in shawl, and she has come up with something awesome known as the infinity wrap. It’s a comfortable piece of cloth that can be worn in four different ways, including a shawl, scarf, and shrug. You can always upgrade your LBD in an instant.

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