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The perfect bridesmaids gift- the 4 ways shawl by Noa Vider

Planing a wedding is exiting. You think about every little detail. The dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations, decoration, music, food... so many choices... You decide on every little thing from the flavor of the cake to the color of the groomsman's boutonniere. You have great plans for what you want your bridesmaids to wear but when you ask them to buy the dresses you choose you see the smile fade away of their faces? You want you gals to look perfect but you don't want to make them spend too much, after all you want them to stay your friends after the wedding...Here is an idea. let them know the color scheme of the wedding and the color of dress you want them to wear. bridesmaids dresses are easy to find online in great deals. Now you have your bridesmaids in different dresses in same color of your choice. Get your bridesmaids a set of shawls they can wear as a bridesmaids shrugs. The shawls will make them look unified and beautiful. If you want to get a shawl for yourself choose other color than your bridesmaids, or different lace pattern. The shawls by Noa Vider that can be worn in 4 different ways will be the perfect add to your bridesmaids dresses. It's a gift they will enjoy many times after the wedding and every time they wear it- they will think of you.

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