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and i'm a Acsesoris desinger

My name is Noa Vider and i a fashion and accessories designer, i graduate  BEZALEL Academy of Arts and Design in Jewelry and fashion design.

During my studies i established the brand "EINAIM" (EYES in Hebrew) that mostly specialized in design and production of unique fashion pieces handmade knitted.Currently my Flagship product is the Infinity Wrap. A wrap that can be worn in a few different ways, in a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns.


Every wrap can be worn as a shawl that adds a nice touch to every look, as a useful scarf for the cold days of the winter, as a shrug (sleeves) that covers the shoulders, or twisted to add elegancy to every look.

The wrap has a large effect on the whole look and used to upgrade every simple outfit that you can think of. Jeans and a casual top or a small black dress can easily transform to an evening elegant look using the wrap.


my collection is being continuously updated, according to the seasons of the year: during summer time you will find colorful light fabrics wraps for a summery look. At winter time you will find warm knit fabrics that invite you to wrap yourself in it as a scarf when you leave the house and wear them as a shawl when you get to a warm place.


During the year you can find casual tricot fabrics for a daily use or elegant lace fabrics.The Infinity Wrap can be rolled and fit in your bag easily so you can easily pull it out when needed.It’s a great solution to the cold weather in the winter or the cold air conditioning in summer. The Infinity wrap can be ordered in a gift pack and sent directly to the gift receiver.

Hay my name is Noa...


Mall of Noa Vider

bialik  St.
Gedera, IS 070700

Tel: 972-50-2500456

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