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Four different ways to wear the shawls

Hi! My name is Noa Vider, I am a designer from Israel and my flagship product is the 4options shawl. It is the perfect accessory. you can wear it as a shawl, shrug, twist or scarf. It looks great with a fancy dress or just with jeans and t- shirt.There are about 200 differend kinds of shawls that can fit every woman. For the romantic one I have the lacy shawls, for the urban-fashionista the colorfull fabrics, for the brides and bridesmaids the elegant fabrics and the delicate lacy shawls, and to those who allways feeling cold (like my mom) I have the cosy soft knit shawls.Take a look at my web sites and find the one (or ones) for youFeel free to contact me with any questions, i am always happy to help. if you are looking to match a shawl/shrug to a specific dress or gown just send me a picture

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